“The National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) peer reviewer program (PEERD) visited ASU to evaluate our research development support. Faculty are specifically calling out Meg’s subscription as an asset. A faculty member mentioned that she and two other PI’s are watching the P seminars as a cohort and using them as platforms for their draft development. This same PI said that it was challenging to hire Meg at [her prior medical school] and she was looking forward to using our relationship to help their P.”
Faye Farmer, Executive Director of Research Development, Arizona State University

“I had a funny exchange with my colleague who looked at my grant and said you’re writing has gotten so much better! I asked her what she meant and she pointed to all the things you edited. I had to laugh. But thought I’d pass on the compliment. And thank you again for your edits.”
Anonymous PhD Attending, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Top-Tier Medical Center (K/R Club)

“Thank you again for your advice and guidance along the way! I learnt a lot and will definitely use these skills again in future grants.”
Anonymous PhD faculty, Molecular Genetics Top-Tier Medical Center (K/R Club)

“You incorporate high level strategy and critical detail and what I call the “Jewish mother stuff”, noodging your Co-I’s to get their letters done and returned, noodging them again when they send them unsigned or they just aren’t perfect, even down to celebrating the submission with champagne because getting a great proposal out the door IS an accomplishment regardless of whether it is ultimately funded. Just wanted you to know I am loving this series!”
Barry Braun, Ph.D., Executive Director, Human Performance Clinical Research Laboratory, Colorado State University (Deadline-Push)

“I found what was sent to me very helpful and actually anxiety relieving.”
R01 Grantee, Top 10-Ranked Pediatric Hospital (Deadline-Push)

“Thanks so much for organizing and leading a wonderful session today! I got a lot out of Meg’s grant-writing talk, especially as I prepare my K08 for a May 7 submission deadline!”
Anonymous MD PhD Fellow, Infection Diseases Top-Tier Medical Center (K/R Club)

“Thank you again for an incredibly productive and wonderful retreat yesterday, I thought it was very informative and helpful! My meeting with Meg was great yesterday and I would love to take you up on the offer to have her help me with my K08 application.”
Anonymous MD PhD Fellow, Hematology/ Oncology Top-Tier Medical Center (Live & 30-min Consults)

“Our UAlbany investigators very much enjoyed your visit to the University. They were struck by the expertise, knowledge, and insights you shared relating to NIH extramural funding. It was impressive and we look forward to your returning to campus in the near future!”
Vincent J Delio, Director, UA 2020 Constellations, University of Albany (Live)

“During individual consultations and in a conference workshop, Meg offered practical step-by-step strategies that demystified the NIH grant application process. Our work together enhanced my self-efficacy and has had a profound impact on my career. Already, I have recommended Meg to several of my colleagues and they, too, are thrilled with the results!”
Dr. Lisa Spanierman, VP Scientific Affairs and Counseling Psychology Faculty, Arizona State University (Live)

“My office hired Meg to deliver two workshops on preparing successful applications to the National Institutes of Health (one basic level and another more advanced). In the months leading up to the event, Meg was responsive to our requests for information and reciprocated with pertinent questions regarding the attendees. The workshop itself, was comprehensive and incredibly informative. Our faculty and staff members had positive reviews of the experience. Meg provided a personable and professional service and we look forward to working with her in the future.”
Faye Farmer, Associate Director, Research Strategy Group, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at Arizona State University (Live)

“Thank you so much for the incredibly informative seminar yesterday at ASU for NIH grant writing strategies. I feel much more empowered about being able to craft a competitive R01 grant after learning so much strategy and so many techniques yesterday.”
Dr. Gwyneth Gordon, School of Earth & Space Exploration Faculty, Arizona State University (Live)

“Your strategies and advice were valuable and will certainly help improve the strength and quality of my proposals moving forward.”
Nicole M. Neu-Baker, MPH, CPH,Colleges of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, SUNY Polytechnic Institute (Live)

“Your Demystifying the 2016 Changes to NIH Grant Submissions was excellently presented and full of logical, useful information. Thank you!”
Dr. John Ivy, Senior Research Development Officer, Texas A&M University (Virtual, Self-Paced)

“I thought I was already pretty savvy but Meg has some great short, medium and long-term strategies [in her Best Practices webinar] to increase success rate and build capacity that I found VERY useful! It’s about more than just NIH grant success; there is a faculty development component that I plan to phase-in as well.”
Dr. Barry Braun, Professor and Department Head, Health and Exercise Sciences, Colorado State University (Virtual, Self-Paced)

“I think you & your training are wonderful and I look forward to working with you one day soon.”
Karen Jiggins Colorafi, College of Nursing & Health Innovation, Arizona State University (Virtual, Self-Paced)

“Thank you for the fantastic webinar series! I will definitely recommend it to other researchers.”
Kimberly A. Miller MPH, Kaiser Permanente (Virtual, Self-Paced)

“Thanks for a great webinar series. I revised the specific aims for my upcoming submission based on some of the great pointers I picked up in the aims webinar. I have already tweeted about the webinars and will also pass it along via word of mouth.”
David E. Conroy, Ph.D., Professor, Preventive Medicine, Deputy Director, Division of Behavioral Medicine & Center for Behavior and Health, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University (Virtual, Self-Paced)

I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar [PREPARATION: Key Steps to take Before You Write a Successful NIH Submission]. It was one of the most substantive and thoughtfully organized webinars I have ever experienced. I will certainly recommend your offerings to colleagues.”
Mary Elizabeth Strunk, Assistant Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, Amherst College (Virtual, Self-Paced)


“Meg, looking forward to working with you again. The first grant we worked together on did really well! They actually specifically complimented the packaging and presentation. We went below the funding line on our first try (even without the ESI bonus), which means the R01 will be converted to an R37 award (2 extra years of funding). So it really could not have gone better.”
– Anonymous MD PhD, R37 (MIRA) recipient, Cancer Biology & Genetics, Top-Tier Medical Center (Editing & Advising)

“Meg is a colleague and former NIH compatriot. She exemplifies talent, hard work and meticulousness through her grantsmanship and critical thinking skills as a successful bench scientist. Meg consistently goes above the proverbial “call of duty” to see a project through to the very end, no matter what. Perhaps most notably, I have been extremely impressed with her keen gift to turn verbal concepts and “data dumps” into exciting prose that reviewers (especially NIH) can resonate with. (Meg would never let this sentence end with a preposition!) The landscape for winning NIH grants is extremely – no ridiculously – competitive these days. Meg understands what it takes to capture the reviewers’ attention in a matter of minutes, drive that impact statement home, win them as an advocate, and prevent your application from sinking to the middle or bottom of the pile. I have learned a lot from Meg and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
JoAnne Goodnight, Former Program Coordinator of the entire NIH SBIR/STTR Program; Currently Director of Project Development and Analysis, The Jackson Laboratory. (Editing & Advising)

“Our R01 project will be awarded. Meg helped us refine this proposal. It is a testimony to the effectiveness of her professional services. It is the second proposal that she has helped me to get funded. I look forward to working with her again on my future NIH submissions.”
Dr. Yalin Wang, School of Computing, Informatics, Decision Systems and Engineering, Arizona State University (Editing & Advising)

“I owe you a big Thank you!!! I really believe that your help is what allowed me the excellent score [on a funded R21]! I have recommended your services further through our Department :)”
Dr. Trish Simner, Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (Editing & Advising)

“I wanted to give you an update on the R01 that you helped me write. I got the grant on the first submission. Thank you so much for making it a great grant! You are worth every penny. I hope to work with you again in the future.”
Marc K. Halushka M.D., Ph.D, Professor, Department of Pathology (Editing & Advising)

“Thanks for all your help with the K99/R00 grant application! I am certain that without your expertise and guidance, it would not have been funded!”
Dr. Rodney Joseph, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University (Editing & Advising)

“Thanks for everything. You have significantly improved my application!”
Cheng-Ying Ho, Children’s National Medical Center (Editing & Advising)

“The American Heart Association grant was submitted and greatly improved by your feedback. The entire process identified some gaps that need to be filled prior to the R01 and we look forward to working on that with you.”
Dr. Lisa Troy, Nutrition Faculty, University of Massachusetts Amherst (Editing & Advising)

“Thanks again so much for all your help, we were super happy with the [NIH R01] score and the [reviewers’] comments and it’s in great part because of your edits!”
Dr. Natasha Lepore, Research Radiology Faculty, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (Editing & Advising)

“I get a kick out of how you phrase your [written] feedback [on my NIH submission]. I feel like we are actually having a conversation, which I really like.”
Dr. Cirleen DeBlaere, Counseling and Psychology Program Faculty, Georgia State University (Editing & Advising)

“Meg – your edits are fabulous. I can’t thank you enough for fitting [my faculty member] into your busy, busy schedule. Thanks so much again.”
Dr. Barbara Ainsworth, Associate Director Health Promotion Faculties, Arizona State University (Editing & Advising)

“I just got word that the R21 I submitted was funded first time through – so, thanks for your help on this one!! I have a follow-up R01 to this award that I plan to submit in about 12 months, so would love to get your take on that one as well.”
Dr. Scott Strath, Interim Director for the Center for Aging and Translational Research, University of Wisconsin (Editing & Advising)

“Meg has provided expert editing/writing services assisting me with several NIH grant applications. She has an extraordinary ability to take my technical content and make it ‘sellable’ to grant reviewers. She has worked with me on 3 grant proposals. All three were funded! Her assistance has been unbelievably helpful and my recent track record in funding success speaks for itself in terms of her valuable contributions to enhancing the quality of my grant proposals. She has been terrific.”
Dr. Patty Freedson, Chair Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts (Editing & Advising)

“I think the work you did to help me frame the question was extremely effective — it is the first time that the [reviewers’] comments have felt entirely about the science and I haven’t read it and said to myself “but I did say that” or “but I am doing that”.
Dr. Kate Wolin, Surgery Faculty, Washington University School of Medicine (Editing & Advising)

“Thanks so much for organizing and leading a wonderful session today! I got a lot out of Meg’s grant-writing talk, especially as I prepare my K08 for a May 7 submission deadline!”
Anonymous MD PhD Fellow, Infection Diseases Top-Tier Medical Center (K/R Club)

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