Bioart Winners

When I was a bench scientist, I had the joy of working with a lot of visual data. It was one of the great pleasures of my work back then. So even though we are flat out busy with work this week as we approach the new R01 deadline on October 5, I am taking a quick break to share some memorable bioart with you.


Of the 12 winners of FASEB’s 2013 Bioart contest, 11 received NIH funding. The NIH Director will begin showcasing their work through a series entitled, “Snapshots of Life.” Take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy beauty of the natural world at a level rarely seen in our daily lives. Who knew that schistosomiasis could be so breathtakingly gorgeous? :


Snapshots of Life: NIH’s BioArt Winners



NIH Director Francis Collins Launches Blog

Dr. Francis Collins

I am delighted to report that Dr. Francis Collins, current NIH Director, has recently launched his own blog discussing science, medicine, and public health news, and sharing biomedical research discoveries that are, in his words, “game changers, noteworthy, or just plain cool”. As many of you know I worked for FC in the late ’90s and am a big fan–his intelligence is surpassed only by his integrity. I hope you will subscribe.

(And yes, he really does ride a motorcycle.)