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“I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar on NIH Submission Strategies. It was one of the most substantive and thoughtfully organized webinars I have ever experienced. I will certainly recommend your offerings to colleagues.”
Mary Elizabeth Strunk, Assistant Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, Amherst College

“Very informative and easy to follow the speaker’s presentation.”…

“As usual, it was a thorough, engaging, and instructive. I always find Meg’s webinars and in-person presentations to be very worthwhile.”…

“Well-organized webinar beginning with the source of the funds to be competed for and decision making that goes into how topics of interest are determined. Very solid approach on time planning ahead.”…

“Well explained and thorough.”…

“Very informative and helpful.”…

“Provides a lot of resources for writing NIH grant proposal. The submitting questions option is great because I can ask the speaker questions during the seminar.”…

“Of course [I would recommend this webinar], although I should be careful as I don’t want to increase the likelihood of my competition getting awards from the same pool of funds by learning all the information and strategies this webinar series conveys :)”…

“It fills gaps in knowledge about applying for grants, especially for early investigators.”
Anonymous Survey Evaluations for webinar “NIH Launch: Preparation”


Essential for grantees planning to submit an NIH grant application in an upcoming cycle, and the senior faculty and administrators who advise them.
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At the end of this 60-minute session, participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize the Reporter website to identify their niche in the funding portfolio
  2. Identify likely ICs, POs, and FOAs
  3. Write several drafts of their Aims to send to POs
  4. Choose the most appropriate IC, FOA, and study section with PO guidance

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