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Stay on a grantwriting schedule with me, as I suggest weekly actions and tips, and point out common missteps in advance of the R-series deadlines. In the 10 weeks leading up to the R01 A0 deadlines (June 5, Oct 5, Feb 5), I will send you weekly emails leading you through major stages of the grantwriting process. You will receive curated grantsmanship strategies to match up with your evolving draft. I’ll also share highlights from my virtual training courses.

Support Throughout the Year

Deadline-Push is an annual subscription. Email prompts lead to 3 consecutive R01 deadlines. Why 3 consecutive deadlines? Because submission delays occur that are out of your control. And because savvy grantees often submit several ideas across consecutive cycles. Note that while prompts lead to the R01 A0 deadline, the information and timing would help those writing to most major R- or K-series submission or resubmission deadlines.

Deadline-Push is free for all institutional-level subscribers, including faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students.

Add-On Services

Package 1: Edit

Your Aims page is the most important narrative section of your NIH submission. Assigned reviewers may begin to form their funding decision based on this page, and it may be the only page non-assigned reviewers ever read.

With Edit Package, I edit your 1-page Specific Aims and email you feedback once each deadline cycle. You choose whether you’d prefer an early or near-final draft edit. If you’d like to discuss the edit, consider Package 2.

Package 2: Edit + Consult

Grantees can gain a surprising amount of crucial information and expertise from targeted 1-on-1 consulting with a highly experienced NIH grant expert. In a 30-min call, we can discuss your submission strategy.

With Edit + Consult Package, I include everything in Package 1. In addition, we schedule a 30-min call once each deadline cycle to discuss your submission strategy. Often grantees find it helpful to discuss their pitch to program officers, or to review prior history with NIH or discuss reviewer comments. Consult times will be available in weeks 1-4 of the program.


While the 10-week workplan leads to the three R01 A0 deadlines, grantees actively writing most major R- or K-level submission or resubmission formats will learn much from the weekly emails.
10 weekly emails leading to three sets of R01 deadlines: June 5; October 5; and February 5; Option to add edits to Specific Aims page and 1-on-1 advising via phone consultation.
$25- $999, depending on package. Note: Package 1 & 2 are not included in Institutional Subscriptions.

What Grantees Are Saying:

“You incorporate high level strategy and critical detail and what I call the “Jewish mother stuff”, noodging your Co-I’s to get their letters done and returned, noodging them again when they send them unsigned or they just aren’t perfect, even down to celebrating the submission with champagne because getting a great proposal out the door IS an accomplishment regardless of whether it is ultimately funded. Just wanted you to know I am loving this series!”
Barry Braun, Ph.D., Executive Director, Human Performance Clinical Research Laboratory, Colorado State University

“I found what was sent to me very helpful and actually anxiety relieving.”
R01 Grantee, Top 10-Ranked Pediatric Hospital

“Thanks for an excellent program! Links to associated webinars at relevant points in checklists were very helpful.”

“I enjoyed the emails and I think they helped a lot.”
Anonymous Survey Evaluations


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