So you are ready to begin applying for external funding and are going to start with an NIH R01, right? Probably not, if you want to succeed. I will describe types of funding sources that will allow you to stair-step up to an R01, including other mechanisms at NIH and funding sources outside NIH. For more experienced grantees many of these sources, such as private foundation funding, can be used to keep your research program afloat between NIH grants as you resubmit, given the challenging funding climate. I will also talk about considering other federal agencies that fund biomedical research. The current funding climate is very challenging; the most successful grantees consider diversifying their funding portfolio to include many types of funding sources.

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New NIH grantees and those who advise them.
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At the end of this 90-minute session, participants will be able to: (formatted for CME application)

  1. Identify a broad array of biomedical funding sources beyond the NIH R01
  2. Develop strategies to build a strong and sustainable independent research program utilizing numerous funding sources


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