APPROACH General Suggestions

14 Steps

  • Have I carefully reviewed the detailed SF424 instructions and scoring criteria? Have I studied the FOA to see if there are specific instructions and scoring criteria?​
  • Did I study the FOA-specific instructions/scoring criteria?​
  • Have I created an outline that includes all necessary sections, as appropriate for the project type? Have I made certain that I did not omit key sections? ​
  • Have I used all my available space to argue persuasively for my project?
  • Have I opted for visual breaks over white space to maximize space without sacrificing readability?​
  • Have I formatted the outline to facilitate skimming?
  • Have I considered creatively using figures and tables (beyond for preliminary data) to maximize space, enhance skimming, and emphasize key points?​
  • Have I considered if my formatting strategies are appropriate for a color-blind reviewer?​
  • Have I avoided long sections of unformatted text?​
  • Have I spent time researching the reviewers on my study section so that I deeply understand my audience? Have I discussed the panel with the PO?​
  • Have I looked at the excellent resources and samples on the NIAID website?​
  • Have I had an outside reader assess whether it makes sense to them?​
  • Have I familiarized myself with the NIH definitions of a human subjects or clinical trial project, and do I understand which project type I am doing? Have I carefully considered whether it is an NIH-defined human subjects project, using NIH infographics and flow charts?​
  • If I am doing a human subjects or clinical trial project, have I familiarized myself with the PHS HS & CT Info form, understood how/how much to fill out, and made sure that the detailed info resides in the form and not the Approach section?​
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