Organizational Membership

Opt for membership to my self-paced, virtual trainings for your entire organization. We include Deadline-Push, a 10-week workplan for grantees currently working on a submission.

2 options

Full library. Anyone can access all 12 titles with an organizational email address and coupon code. In sum, membership provides ~28 hours of instruction.

Single course. Choose any single title—including our popular grantwriting course NIH Ready: R Series.



Steep Discounts. Organizational pricing is a fixed fee, no matter the usage. We’re happiest when we can serve a broad pool of community members, maximizing the value. For one client, their retail usage of the membership (the amount the courses would have cost if users had purchased them) exceeded $90,000 in their fourth year of the membership. Read more Read More.


New and Updated Courses. You automatically have access to refreshed content and new titles added to the library during your membership period. Updates allows us to incorporate changes at NIH, and trends in recent summary statements.

10-Week Workplan. Membership includes our popular Deadline-Push program for grantees who register. We will send 10 weekly emails that contain timely tips and strategies to pace you to your deadline.


Anytime, Anywhere. With an organizational email and a coupon code, your grantees can select topics that fit their evolving grantwriting needs on their schedule.

Promotion Support. We will send a monthly reminder that highlights timely courses and offers content for research administrators to distribute widely. In collaboration with you, we will also create a multi-media campaign to drive engagement.

Broadcast Option. Organizations can broadcast courses to groups of grantees. When colleagues gather to discuss grantsmanship, interdisciplinary collaboration is often a side benefit.