The goal of my NIH trainings is to improve not just a single submission, but the overall skill of the researcher as a grantee, mentor, and reviewer throughout their career.

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K/R Club

I believe this popular model may be optimal for training a group of early- and mid-career grantees. It combines a day of on-site presentations and a hands-on workshop, followed by virtual 1-on-1 editing and advising, where grantees have the option of sharing their edited drafts with the group. This cohort approach fosters comradery; allows grantees to benefit from each others’ questions, drafts, and input; and makes the process feel less daunting.

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On Site

I will work with administrators to customize a program specifically for the needs of their grantees. Some clients opt for a full day of interactive presentations, while others prefer a half day of presentations and a half day of 30-min grantee consults. Popular topics include How to Write an NIH R- or K-Series Submission.

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Virtual, Self-Paced

In an effort to provide cost-effective training to the broadest group possible, I created a series of virtual, self-paced training courses. For about the cost of a single lab reagent—and a fraction of the cost of one-on-one consulting—I will teach you step-by-step how to write an NIH submission.

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