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“Meg provides valuable, well-organized, concise, real-world information that is crucial in successful grantwriting…

Excellent, very helpful presentation…

good information and advice…

Meg always gives very clear presentations, I will forward useful tips to faculty…

I appreciate the handouts!…helpful for anyone writing an NIH proposal…

Many useful tips for our faculty included in each webinar.”
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Essential for grantees planning to submit a grant application in an upcoming cycle, and the senior faculty and administrators who advise them.
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At the end of this 40-minute session, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply specific writing and formatting techniques to help reviewers quickly identify the key points
  2. Identify the differences between these two crucially important sections
  3. Write persuasive, compelling Significance and Innovation sections to increase the odds of good scores in these two areas

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How to “Sell” Your Project to NIH Reviewers


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