APPROACH Section-Specific Suggestions

13 Steps

  • Do I include an overview paragraph and project schematic? Not necessary, but helpful to reviewers if you have space. HS Sect. 4.1a
  • Do I include team info (preferably in a table)? Did I highlight the team’s publications, and make clear what each person will do on this project? HS Section 3.5
  • Have I included Background info, here and/or in Significance section?
  • Have I included Preliminary data, here and/or in Significance section? Did I number studies to facilitate discussion, and format to readily identify key take-home messages to support the proposed project?
  • Do I include enough methods to assure reviewers, while also saving space by referring to published methods? For human subjects projects, have I assured reviewers that I can anticipate pressures on recruitment and retention? HS Sect. 4
  • In my Approach, do my references to the HS form contain key take-home messages that reviewers cannot miss?
  • Are aims, subaims, and hypotheses listed exactly as they are on aims page? Is the write-up structured around them?
  • Do I include expected results and data analyses? HS Sect. 4
  • Have I carefully considered instructions, scoring criteria, NIH guidance, and samples for Scientific Rigor?
  • Have I carefully considered instructions, scoring criteria, NIH guidance, and samples for Consideration of Relevant Biological Variables? HS Sect. 2.3a & 2.4
  • Have I written a thorough Potential Problems and Alternatives section, balancing length against my experience (longer for junior faculty, shorter for senior faculty)?
  • Have I included a timeline, either as a brief table of deliverables mapped to time or as a short narrative? HS Sect. 2.7
  • If space, have I included a final Impact statement, and/or a Future Directions section that describes how my team sees the arc of the research progressing after the funding period?
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