12 Steps

  • Do I understand the priorities of my agency and IC, and have I ensured that my project addresses these priorities?
  • Have I compared my project idea to what is in Reporter database, and generated ideas about possible IC, PO, study section?
  • Have I researched the myriad types of FOAs at NIH and considered some possibilities for this stage of my career and project?
  • Have I used the CSR ART tool to examine possible study sections, and once I’ve narrowed my selections, researched that study section in Reporter?
  • Have I discussed with a PO the optimal IC, my exact ESI expiration, FOA possibilities, study section options, and any other issues specific to my circumstances?
  • Once I finalize IC, PO, FOA, and study section selections, have I revised my aims to exactly fit these audiences and circumstances? (IMPORTANT!)
  • Do I understand how and why to build a relationship with the PO, and strategies to reach one who doesn’t respond?
  • Do I understand the way my application will be read, discussed, and reviewed?
  • Have I studied the instructions and review criteria for my specific FOA?
  • Do I understand when/how to use Cover Letter vs. Assignment Request Form?
  • Have I created a realistic writing schedule that allows enough time for me, my team, and my pre-award support office to create a competitive application package?
  • Have I subscribed to weekly TOC, Open Mike blog, and CSR’s blog?
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