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Live Training

Live trainings can be on-site or livestreamed — both offer a lively, highly interactive experience for grantees. Dr. Bouvier offers customized presentations for as many or few participants as you choose – as half- or full-day live trainings, working solo or in tandem with other groups.

Master the R Series

This half-day presentation is ideal for those applying for their first R-Series grant, or those not yet successful with an R application (or not successful recently). I describe steps to prepare to write (identifying the optimal institute, seeking advice from the program officer, selecting the best study section and examining the roster, etc). Then, I describe in detail how to write the Specific Aims, Significance, Innovation, and Approach. The training includes a manual with instructions, tips, templates, and samples of each section from recently funded grant applications. Additionally, grantees practice editing a grant application using samples (e.g., Specific Aims) into which I have inserted mistakes grantees commonly make. 

Master the P and U Series (Multiproject submissions)

You have a group of grantees who have mastered the NIH R Series and you feel it is time to think strategically about moving to the next stage: NIH center grants or multiproject cooperative agreements. But how does one begin? The NIH multiproject grants can lead to the most gratifying stage of one’s career, in which one directs a research center or a hub within a cooperative network. But the leap from an individual grant program to directing these larger centers can be daunting. This half-day training provides an overview of the NIH multiproject submissions, how to select the optimal one for your set of circumstances, how best to prepare for one, and tips and tricks for writing a winning application. I will draw from my own successes in the P and U series to help illustrate examples of successful grantsmanship strategies.

Other Topics

A training can be customized to meet the needs of your grantees. For instance, any of my virtual courses can be offered as live trainings. Some of my best live training formats result from collaborating with you. Please contact me to discuss your training needs.


Other Formats for Live Trainings

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