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Checklist for Talk 2: Writing a Center Grant Application (P Series)

12 Steps

  • Have we finalized our choice of FOA based on input from program staff, colleagues with recent U experience, and using the Reporter website?
  • Have we finalized a theme for our center? Are we clear about our competitive advantage and innovation? Have we finalized our decision about our projects and cores, and who will lead them? Are we clear about how the parts will function synergistically?
  • Have we read every detail of our FOA to make sure we understand all the instructions, requirements, nuances, etc.? Do we understand that the FOA instructions supersede those in SF424?
  • Early in the writing process, have we sent requests to others for information we need, such as LOS and biosketches?
  • Have we decided on a single name for each entity to avoid confusion? Do we have a strategy for file storage and version control?
  • Have we created a formatting strategy/hierarchy for the text? Have we developed a clear outline system for the submission? Do we understand how to create figures and tables that color-blind reviewers can see?
  • For Research Projects, have we underscored synergy using a table? Have we used our R01 skillset to write a competitive Research Strategy? Do we have a team table? Have we addressed all rigor scoring criteria?
  • For Scientific Cores, have we drafted these sections well ahead of the deadline to allow time for rewrites? Have we avoided simply duplicating existing resources at our organization, and instead described how we will create or augment a resource, or complement existing resources? Have we described how the core will support other elements of the center? Did we write a prioritization plan? Have we highlighted cost effectiveness, times saving, and increased efficiency?
  • For the Administrative Core, have we described the framework for the management and coordination of the center? Did we include an org chart, a map of our sites? Have we briefly described the roles and responsibilities of the team and committees? Have we offered a detailed communication plan? Does our evaluation plan have both quantitative and qualitative assessments?
  • For the Overall Section, did we draft it early to guide the writing of the other sections? Did we write it last so that it is consistent with the other sections? Have we clearly articulated the program focus and the conceptual unity of all the parts of the center? Have we described our competitive advantage and emphasized our innovation? Have we offered a detailed description of the MPIs and their skills and roles? Have we described how all the elements will function synergistically, using a table?
  • Have we reviewed the NIAID checklist of pitfalls for multiproject submissions?
  • Do we know how to determine if NIH considers our project human subjects research? Do we understand in which section(s) to include the Human Subjects Form in the application package of a multiproject U? Are we utilizing a single IRB even if multi-site? Do we understand whether our project involves Delayed Onset? Have we familiarized ourselves with limitations on appendix materials?
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