Checklist for Talk 1: Prep for P submission

13 Steps

  • Do we understand how center grant applications differ from R series applications? Do we grasp that projects and cores come together around a central theme and function synergistically with each other, resulting in an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts?
  • Have we determined if we really need a center, and asked what scientific work we could accomplish with a center that could not be accomplished with R-level funding?
  • Have we determined if we have complementary strengths on campus that might come together around a theme? How would the work of the center be innovative? Do we offer a competitive advantage? Why would POs want to fund this center over one from another well-qualified group, given limited funding?
  • Do we have several interested faculty who could serve as PIs, who have strength in the center topic? Do we have strong facilities, potential for cores? Is our university interested in supporting this center? Is there potential to obtain funding in advance of the application?
  • Have we familiarized ourselves with the different types of P mechanisms to determine the one that is best suited for our center? Does our target institute offer that mechanism?
  • Do we have several possible PIs who have a strong history of funding and publications in the relevant topic? Does s/he have experience managing multi-site or complex structures? Does s/he have leadership experience? Do our MPIs bring complementary, necessary, non-redundant expertise to the project? Do they have the bandwidth to lead the project?
  • Have we identified project and core leads who have funding and publications in the relevant topic? Do they have leadership experience? Can they make the appropriate time commitment? Have we made strong efforts to identify leadership that identify as underrepresented?
  • Have we looked on the Reporter website to study the types of center grants our target institute has funded recently? Have we used this information to modify our concept?
  • Have we set up a pre-submission meeting with program staff, at least 6-9 months before deadline? Have we written a report focusing on innovation, impact, and competitive advantage? Did we follow any guidelines set for this report by the institute? Did we submit it 2 weeks before the meeting?
  • Have we considered creating a short, simple slide presentation for the pre-submission meeting? At the meeting, did we take careful notes about everything program staff said, and listened carefully to how they said it (noting enthusiasm or the lack thereof?) Did we use feedback to modify our concept to fit our funder? If program staff were not enthusiastic, have we considered another institute?
  • Have we considered ways to obtain university support and funding before application? Have we considered strategies for obtaining funding and/or support from the state, other federal agencies, a company, or collaborators/consultants, as appropriate?
  • Have we carefully reviewed every detail of the FOA, all instructions and scoring criteria? Do we understand how the application will be reviewed?
  • Have we developed a realistic timeline to submission, taking into account whether the application is new, whether the team is experienced, and the complexity of the center?
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