Often large-format P and U submissions are written by a group of grant-savvy people. What is sorely needed is a skilled outsider to help identify ways to turn a pile of good near-final drafts into a single, synergistic, great submission.

Review only is a cost-effective strategy to obtain comprehensive feedback on large-format P and U submissions, which are ‘written by committee’. Here are some of the most common ways I support a submission:

  • Identify problem areas that may be red flags for reviewers. I base this assessment on information gathered from reading many Summary Statements for large submissions.
  • Make the project a synergistic whole – something that generally only happens in the final days of writing. I can help smooth the seams as you cobble together a document written by many, and help make the submission stand out to reviewers and program staff.
  • Locate gaps in logic and ensure you are addressing the FOA. It can become easy to lose sight of the obvious when you are lost in the details of writing these behemoths, especially on tight deadlines (and when are we not on tight deadlines?)
  • Align sections with one another. For example, is the Overview section consistent with the write-ups for the Admin Core, Research Cores, and Training Core?

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