1:1 Support

Great science is not enough to land NIH grants: You must also master grantsmanship skills. A professional grantwriter can give you an edge in a daunting funding climiate. I specialize in NIH grant submissions and draw on my experience as a bench scientist and an NIH staff writer.

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K/R Club

Perhaps the optimal model for grantsmanship training is to work with a group of grantees together. This approach fosters comradery; allows grantees to benefit from each others’ questions, drafts, and input; and makes the process feel less daunting.

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Editing & Advising

With the support of their institution, I work with individual grantees on specific NIH applications. I can also consult with your organization on strategies to increase NIH funding.

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Often large-format P and U submissions are written by a group of grant-savvy people. What is sorely needed is a skilled outsider to help identify ways to turn a pile of good near-final drafts into a single, synergistic, great submission.

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My 10-week virtual program offers you NIH expertise and up-to-the-minute strategies at an affordable price so that you’re prepared and confident to submit your R-series application. When you join my Deadline-Push workplan, you’ll have the opportunity to bundle in personalized services.

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